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A400S V2


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The A400S is our highest power controller that can be used for both Brushed and Brushless motors. It features hardware protections for overcurrent.


Quick tips on setup

Please be careful when programming settings. 

We recommend detecting motors using the FOC motor setup wizard. This will automatically find the correct settings for your motor. 

LiPo batteries are extremely dangerous if handled incorrectly.

ALWAYS run with a fuse. 


Current Handling

20S (100V FETs)

300A continuous with no additional cooling

600A for continuous with water cooling

1000A burst 


Mechanical Features

  • Dimensions: 200 x 115 x 60mm
  • Weight ~?g

 Electrical Connections

  • M10 screw terminal Battery inputs
  • M10 screw terminal Motor outputs
  • 20 Pin Pico-Clasp connector for IO
    Hall, Motor temp, 5v, 3.3v, SWD, External ADCs, SPI, I2C, PPM, CANBus, Aux 12V
  • 6 pin aux
  • Xt30 12v 10A aux output


Motor Commutation Modes

  • FOC - Sensorless, Hall Sensors, HFI
  • BLDC - Sensorless, Hall Sensors
  • DC - For driving brushed DC motors on outputs A and C.


Motor Control Modes

  • Current - Controls current to motor irrespective of duty cycle
  • Duty Cycle - Controls duty cycle sent to motor irrespective of current
  • PID RPM control - Controls motor RPM using a PID loop, gives high torque even at low rpm.


Control Interfaces

  • PPM
  • UART
  • CANBus (UAVCANv0)


Voltage Rating

  • 20S Model:    15-84v, 4-20S LiPo

Safety Features

  • Active current limiting - actively limits motor current to stay below programmed limit
  • Software over current protection - stops motor running if the current exceeds programmed limit
  • Hardware over current protection
  • Slow temperature cutoff - ramps down motor current when approaching programmed max temperature
  • Battery voltage cutoff - ramps down motor current when approaching programmed voltage cutoff
  • Under / Over Voltage cutoff - stops motor running if the voltage goes outside the programmed range
  • Voltage surge protection


Programming features - using VESC®* Tool

  • Adjustable current limits, Battery and Motor current are independently controlled
  • Adjustable voltage limits
  • Adjustable RPM limits
  • Adjustable Power limits
  • Adjustable duty cycle limits
  • Adjustable regenerative braking
  • Adjustable throttle curves and ramping time
  • Real time and Sampled Data monitoring and graphing
  • Automatic motor detection and tuning


The A400S runs the popular VESC®*-Project firmware by Benjamin Vedder. 

* VESC is a registered TM, owned by Benjamin Vedder