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A100S V4


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The A100S was designed specifically for use in Beatleweight and Featherweight combat robots. It runs the extremely popular VESC®*-Project firmware. 

Featherweight Weapon - Slice of LiFe (Blue)
12S A100S with XAG A16 motor


Heavyweight Drive - Triforce (Circle)
12S A100S with XAG A16 motor


Included in the package

  • A100S V4
  • LCC40 motor connector with crimp pins for 10AWG
  • LCB40 battery connector with crimp pins for 10AWG
  • Pico-clasp 20pin connector shell + 10 double ended precrimped wires  (enough to populate the connector)

Quick tips on setup

  • We recommend detecting motors using the FOC motor setup wizard. This will automatically find the correct settings for your motor. 

Current Handling - Motor current

  • 70A (motor) continuous with no additional cooling
  • 200A (motor) burst

    120A, 0.7C/s
    , 1.2C/s
    , 2.3C/s
    , 2.7C/s

Mechanical Features

  • Dimensions: 54 x 45 x 27mm without connectors, (screw lugs make it 60x54x27mm)
  • Weight ~?g
  • 3D models avaliable here: ?

Electrical Features

  • CANBus
  • Voltage filters, 3 phase shunts with current filters
  • 2mm 6Layer 2OZ PCB
  • EFuse Protected supply outputs
    •   12V  1.6A
    •     5V  1.0A
    • 3.3V   0.5A
  • I/O protected by TVS
  • USB can be used to power logic for offline programming (1A Efused)
  • Logic can be powered from extra AUX Power input 12-48V, ?W idle
  • EEPROM for persistent data

 Electrical Connections

  • All in one 20pin Pico-Clasp locking connector provides all standard interfaces - PPMCANBusADCUARTHall sensors,  12V Switchable Aux output, 5V, 3.3v,  SPI, Buttons, Encoder, Motor Temperature, Aux power input (12-48V), Enable
  • USB Type C for connection to VESC-Tool


UPDATE needed:

Motor Commutation Modes

  • FOC - Sensorless, Hall Sensors, HFI
  • BLDC - Sensorless, Hall Sensors
  • DC - For driving brushed DC motors on outputs A and C.

Motor Control Modes

  • Current - Controls current (torque) to motor irrespective of duty cycle
  • Duty Cycle - Controls duty cycle sent to motor irrespective of current
  • PID RPM control - Controls motor RPM using a PID loop

Control Interfaces

  • PPM
  • UART
  • CANBus (supports UAVCANv0)
  • ADC

Voltage Rating

  • 8-80v, 18 cell LiPo maximum.

Safety Features

  • Active current limiting - actively limits motor current to stay below programmed limit
  • Software over current protection - stops motor running if the current exceeds programmed limit
  • Slow temperature cutoff - ramps down motor current when approaching programmed max temperature
  • Battery voltage cutoff - ramps down motor current when approaching programmed voltage cutoff
  • Under / Over Voltage cutoff - stops motor running if the voltage goes outside the programmed range


Programming features - using VESC®* Tool

  • Adjustable current limits, Battery and Motor current are independently controlled
  • Adjustable voltage limits
  • Adjustable RPM limits
  • Adjustable Power limits
  • Adjustable duty cycle limits
  • Adjustable regenerative braking
  • Adjustable throttle curves and ramping time
  • Real time and Sampled Data monitoring and graphing
  • Automatic motor detection and tuning


Motors tested



The A100S runs the popular VESC®*-Project firmware by Benjamin Vedder. 

* VESC is a registered TM, owned by Benjamin Vedder