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A200S V2

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Due to significant demand, current lead time is at least 3 weeks.

Standard lead time on orders is 2 weeks, this time is used to assemble and test your unit.


The A200S V2 is one of the smallest BLDC motor controllers available (110x80x38mm). Yet it packs a serious punch!

It is modular with separate power and logic boards.


You can order all parts of the A200S individually.

Current handling: 

6S 12S 16S 18S
250A 250A 200A 150A


Comes with 3x XT90 connectors, 3x 5mm lugs and nuts.

Mechanical Features

Electrical Connections

Power/Motor Connections

  • Triple Amass XT90 input connections  
  • 2x M5 bolted terminals for motor output per phase (2 is only needed if you are running over 180A continuously)

Logic connections

  • Motor connector - Hall sensors, encoder, temperature
  • Communications connector - ADC, UART, SPI, Buttons
  • CANBus connector
  • PPM/Servo connector
  • Integrated 0.5A 5V BEC

Motor Commutation Modes

  • FOC - Sensorless, Hall Sensors or Encoder
  • BLDC - Sensorless, Hall Sensors or Encoder
  • DC

Motor Control Modes

  • Current - Controls current to motor irrespective of duty cycle
  • Duty Cycle - Controls duty cycle sent to motor irrespective of current
  • PID RPM control - Controls motor RPM using a PID loop

Control Interfaces

  • PPM
  • ADC - For use with analogue throttles, supports cruise control and reverse
  • UART - For PC control using VESC®* Tool and custom applications
  • CANBus - For custom applications, also supports slaving controllers and traction control

Voltage Rating

  • 0-75v rating, 18 cell LiPo maximum (recommended 16s, no braking on 18s)

Current capability 

  • please see table above

Safety Features

  • Software overcurrent protection
  • Slow temperature cutoff
  • Battery voltage cutoff

 Programming features - using VESC®* Tool

  • Adjustable current limits, Battery and Motor current are independently controlled
  • Adjustable voltage limits
  • Adjustable RPM limits
  • Adjustable Power limits
  • Adjustable duty cycle limits
  • Adjustable regenerative braking
  • Adjustable throttle curves and ramping time
  • Real time and Sampled Data monitoring and graphing


You can now program your VESC®* via Bluetooth using the NRF module available here:

Android APP is available on the Play Store:


The A200S is based upon the VESC®*-Project. 

* VESC is a registered TM, owned by Benjamin Vedder 


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